Saturday, August 19, 2006

Post for August

Ok, since telling a certain someone they don't post regularly enough I've decided to stop being a hypocrite and post one myself. So, here it is. I'm not quite sure what to say, but when I get chatting I'm sure I won't stop! (I will at some point, but I meant that figuratively)

So, since this is the post for August I'll post about what's happened or is yet to happen this August...

I spent the beginning of August in my Sister's home looking after it whilst she was off Honeymooning, which meant the Dog had me up at 7am barking to be fed, and who strolls in when I open the door, but the Cat who'd spent the night out.

Irrelevant to August, there are many adverts with good songs, for instance, the Magners Irish Cider advert, great song, oh and Guinness... hmmm the ones I've mentioned are only alcohol related, I'm sure there's more...

Then there was a whole period of doing nothing, which is good to an extent.

Then came my trip to London, which was, as always, great! For the first time in my recollection of going to London I traveled by car, along with my Mum and Eldest Sister courtesy of my Aunty Laura.

My Mum I've been with every time I've been to London. My Eldest Sister when I was a young child then this year. So it was interesting.

We traveled by car, stopped off for something to eat, then arrived in London for about 11pm. I then cleverly chose the room with the computer in it!

We spent most of the time in the house as my Mum has only recently come out of plaster from breaking her ankle, but she has progressed a lot and can walk around the house crutchless! Proud! Even up the stairs!! Woooh, go Mum's progress!

Also irrelevant to August, do you say "Prog-ress" or "Pro-gress"

Back to my London banter... This banter is necessary to understand our Sunday outing.

My Sister went down to Polgate with her Boyfriend, for a week, or a little over a week I think... Can't be sure...

But anyway, they stayed with his parents and (here's where the connection comes in) on Sunday they had a BBQ and my Mum, Sister, Aunty and I were all invited round to the BBQ, despite the rain. Which made it an indoor BBQ, it was a good day though.

If you're confused, I have 3 older sisters! (That may not help, but it should!)

So we met some of Oli's family and saw my Sister and ate food, great fun!

Oh, but Oli's Mum has a hobby of making dolls houses (to give it a title) she had a pub, a grocers, a fabric shop, and is gong to make Hogwarts. The houses are so cool, in fact, cool can't even cover the greatness of these little intricate houses! They had working doors and everything! How kick ass is that!

What else did I do... hmmmm... My Eldest Sister and I went shopping on Oxford St, I got some new underwear, and pajamas which are sexy Snoopy pajamas with matching underwear, and some new trainers which has given me a blister on the back of my left foot, all I can say to that is OOOOOOOOOW! But they're nice trainers, so it's ok.

To travel around London on that day we used Oyster cards, I must say, they are indeed very cool! You can use them on Trains and Buses, which is pretty cool, you just top them up then use them until the money runs out. There are little things to swipe them on and it beeps and hey presto you're on! Also, at the end of the day it totals up all your travel and works out the cheapest method and charges you that. I say Liverpool should introduce the Oyster card system. Very convenient indeed! I shall appeal to thee government! When I can be bothered!

Oh, I forgot to mention, before both of them actually, we went to the Sea Side, it was rather windy, but on the whole a nice day out.

I've also discovered that the monotony of driving put me to sleep. I sleep a lot, more than most, but driving anywhere on a long journey I'll be snoozing, I like catching Z's though. Not that it's an excuse when in the car, but it's not like I'm complaining.

From the above I came to the conclusion that I should never drive, that and the fact I prefer to look at the view than the road. So, I shall find me a man with a car to escort me every place, possibly with the name of Jeeves, and always has hot tea at hand just how I like it. I do think that sounds rather an unreachable goal, but a man that can drive should be reasonable, the rest I'm not so sure about.

Oh, back to August related things... I have my results coming up soon, I'll not write much about them as I can when I get them. I expect to do ok, you know, reap what you sow, and I did do revision. So, ye, we'll see.

Following that I have to take said results to my College interview which has been arranged for the 30th of, you guessed it, August!

I'm going crazy about College, but not in a good way, in the complete opposite way, which if you're an idiot would be the bad way, for those who aren't idiots I've just wasted your time by you reading that, hahahaha! I'm not sure what materials to get, or if I'll have the money to get them and I'm too much of a chicken to ask because I know I'll get shouted at before actually receiving anything... but I'm probably worrying more than is deemed necessary.

Ok, I have nothing more to say, except, Summer Hol's are nearly over and sleeping until 2pm will be a thing of the past, early nights and early days will be the thing of the near future.

Over and Out!


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