Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wellll, hello Stranger

Ok, let's start by saying, I'm playing Solitaire at the moment. I'm all posting a bulletin on MooSpace about my cold, I took Wednesday off College because of sickness and this is the last blog I'll write on dialup... ok there's my thoughts compressed into a paragraph with limited punctuation. Now, to explain...

Ok, we all know what Solitaire is, so there's no need to explain. If you don't know what it is then [the following shall be said in a pessimistic American accent] wake up and smell the coffee man! In fairness, it isn't that exciting... ok...

Ah, my cold. Oh dear, oh dear. I happened to sleep with my window open last night and my bed is right right right next to the window, and I get very cold as it is. It wasn't the best thing to do as hindsight now shows, but nevertheless, I did sleep with it open and woke up with a blocked nose. It has no proceeded into a full blown cold, and using tissue which is soft for your arse, has made my nose very red! No Rudolph jokes - they're getting old! Well, that'll continue for a couple of weeks =( Pffft!

Well, listen to this! Tuesday night, all of a sudden, I started feeling like I was going to throw up, and Dad made a Horlicks, and I couldn't even drink it. That's how you know I wasn't pretending. I went upstairs to lie down and sleep it off, but I had to get up and bleurgh! I puked up my dinner, which still tasted like Lasagne and cucumber. So, I took Wednesday off, which meant I missed Tutorial, Psychology and Sociology. Andddd... I'd spent Tuesday evening doing all my work for them as well, Pfffft! It's the first day I've had off ill from College since I started, hopefully it won't become a habit. I did feel mean on Nathan though, leaving him on his own, since Richardo has left there's only been the two of us, so today there would have been Nathan all alone! But, we were doing group work in different groups... so I'm sure he was fine =)

I think College is going quite well at the moment, although, I must start revision religiously.

Ooooooh, and get this, come Monday I'll, sorry, we'll, have broadband! Eeek! Can't wait. Am rather excited since I've been bugging Dad for it since agesago'O'clock!

Oh, and something else rather odd this time though. S'Morning, Mum wakes me up and tells me Dad's gone to get my prescription from the Doctor's, even though, I'm not due to see the Doctor until tomorrow... Iron tablets, I must be anemic to the point of requiring treatment. Speaking of that, I must take an unusual looking tablet shortly.

Is there anything else of significance?! Hmmm... Yes! Christmas! Ok, so it isn't today, buuuuuuuut... There is only 25 Sleeps! Meaning, there are only 15 Sleeps until my Birthday!
Eeek! That's coming up fast. I'll leave on that Happy note =)

Over and Out!


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