Friday, December 08, 2006

Only 7 Sleeps

So, it's Friday today and I really need to start revising properly. It's seriously not that long until my exams. Why, oh why, do they put exams after Xmas?! Talk about ruining Xmas.
Gone where the times you could enjoy Xmas and New Year without having to worry about revision and exams. I miss those days! Awww, and staying up until 1am after seeing new year in and thinking "Wow! I'm up well late!" Now 1am is more like bedtime. Although, I do like my sleep, lie-ins are the best, especially when it's a day you'd normally get up early, but for some reason you don't have to. You wake up and roll over all comfy... **day dreams about sleep**

It's my Birthday in 7 sleeps, I'm not really that excited if I think about it. I mean, I'm not doing anything and I'm getting older now, so it never is exciting. If I could I'd still get toys. I mean, who really stops liking toys?! With there colours and flashing and cool noises... we're missing out here guys! I'm not sure what I'm getting, I'd prefer the money to put towards the computer we're saving for.

There're 17 sleeps until Christmas. Mum's buying presents for family off me and my brother, so that means I can save more towards the computer, wa-hey! Computer! Computer! Computer! Although, first things first, we have to sort out some sort of wireless connection within my house, so as I can use the t'interweb as well. So ye, Christmas, can't wait to put the tree up, that'll be sometime next week, ooooh, sparkly shiny things! People all seem to have that happy warm fuzzy feeling when they're full of Christmas spirit (or alcohol!)

I'm going to go make a hot chocolate...

Over and Out!


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