Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Would you like a rose?!

What a day I've had! It's been a little crazy! In fact, this whole week has been a little crazy!
Especially with these mock exams. Damn them!

Every night I've been revising like a crazy person putting myself under so much stress trying to remember things.

I had my mock exam for Sociology on Tuesday. It was an hour and fifteen minutes, so until 10:30 from when we started, I managed to finish at ten past and worried I hadn't wrote enough because usually I'm writing up until the last second. But at least we got it over and done with on the Tuesday.

So today, it was very crazy! Well, starting last night really. I had to revise for my Psychology. I decided to write up an essay to revise for each one as oppose to loads of little notes. So I did. But I watched the Royal Variety Performance too, which was quite funny in places! Consequently I didn't do a lot last night!

When I went to lie down in bed last night I smacked my head on the wall and it killed, it brought tears to my eyes. Mum gave me a damp tea towel to ensure it didn't swell. I thought I was going to die though, because my psychology teacher on Monday said (because Marvin, a guy from class, got punched in the head) that it happened to a friend of her's and he died. I got really worried when I went to sleep, I honestly thought I may never wake up again! Scary thought eh?!

I did manage to wake up (here I am!) and I was quite tired too. I got into bed with the light on last night and slept until 6:45 with the light on. I got up and turned it off then. I was on and off from that point. I eventually got up at 9:30 but I was very tired. I went into College for my tutorial, revising my psychology on the bus, only to find out the teacher wasn't even going to be in! Bummer! So I revised it some more, writing it out a few times. I then went to the LRC and wrote it out on the computer a few times, but towards 1 I got pains in my head from where I'd hit it, and they've not really stopped since.

I had my exam. It wasn't too hard and I managed to remember the important bits and we got a break in between. I was just glad for it to be over really. We got out half an hour early before our next lesson so went and sat in the cafeteria.
Went to sociology 15 minutes early and found out I got an A in my mock exam. an A wow! I was so happy with myself and now feel like a genius!!!! Elaine, she's great, brought in pringles, a big tin of roses and fizzy drinks for us. It was fun! We went into little groups and did this task. We'd crash landed on the moon and had 15 items, we had to priorities them. We got three right. We couldn't stop laughing though. Our group were dead astronauts! It was worth it for the laughter though!

Elaine let us take what we wished, so I took salt and vinegar pringles and Richard took the tin of roses. Nathan, Richard and I walked down towards Queen Sq and I was offering people a rose, a lot of people gave me strange looks as though I was attempting to poison them, but once one took a rose, they were all at it! Especially the old people! One guy took a handful!! Greedy guts!

Then, I came home and started arguing with my sister's about immigrants.

What an odd couple of days.

Over and Out!


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